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The Fall

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When does global become local

Environmental and climate change issues concerns are not just global they are local too. Climate issues that are happening right now on the other side of the world will affect us with strong downpours they will cause flooding The high temperature will make people suffer from heat or even worse. Wildfire as it did this year. Environmental and climate change don’t have borders, colour, political and religious barriers. Most of what we do has an impact on the climate and environmental factors. So every single one ofContinue reading “When does global become local”


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The fall is my best seasons of the year. The beautiful colour’s, of the season, the smell of roasted chestnuts and Christmas by far my favourite time of the year but also the end.

Yes, I know Christmas is already in winter, but not to me. Fall, the crops festivals, thanksgiving and Christmas are all part of one big and widder time when we should look into our self’s and analyse our self’s make a retrospective about our self’s.

We must focus on our selves without been selfish look about each other but all the rest.

We have a greater mission which is enlighten ourselves evolve to a greater level in mind and spirit only then when we reach that level, we will be able to understand our mission our world.

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